Casasanta Announcing Expansion

Casasanta Announces Expansion to Production Facility

Brantford, ON
August 9th, 2019

Casasanta, a commercial and industrial baking equipment manufacturer, today announces expansions to their current production facility in Brantford, ON.

The expansion will include an additional 16,500 sq. ft of production space along with some brand-new state of the art equipment. A new Test Kitchen for customers along with renovations to the office spaces will complete the expansion.

“The expansion of the factory is needed because of our growing business and emphasis on manufacturing high quality equipment. We will be installing a new manufacturing line that will help to reduce lead times, expand our capability and through put. Additionally the added space will allow us to continue to manufacture our high-quality products in Brantford, ON for many years to come,” said Rob Casasanta, VP of Engineering.

“Having a brand-new Test Kitchen will be a major asset to Casasanta for several reasons. We will be able to have customers from all over the world come to our factory and test their products in our ovens to perfect their baking processes. The test bakery will also be used to develop brand new equipment we manufacture,” said Vic Casasanta, VP of Operations.

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About Casasanta

Casasanta is a family owned and operated company with a simple goal of providing top quality equipment for you to produce top quality food products for your customers. Luigi Casasanta Sr. started LC Bakery Equipment in 1984. At the time he was providing 24-7 maintenance service on all types of bakery equipment. He began to develop a reputation for fast service and customer devotion. As the years passed, product quality concerns in the industry started to arise and Luigi began to realize, from all his experience and knowledge he could build a better piece of equipment that would solve some of these concerns.

He began to design and manufacture high-end-value-added bakery equipment and accessories to address the growing “production quality” concerns of the industry. It is that initial emphasis on quality and customer service that contributed to the growth and success of the company over the past 4 decades. The family owned and operated company has grown and evolved over time with the second generation of Casasanta’s owning and operating the company.